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27 July 2008 @ 10:51 am
Illustration Post #2  
Heeey!!! I finally scanned and sized some of the drawings that I did this summer :D. Yaaaaay, I feel productive. haha~ Anyway, Some are from Gundam 00, most are original art. Hope you like them!

Peaceful Slumber (a lot got cut off on the right)
Materials - Pencil, fine Sharpie, Prismacolor Markers

This is the first piece that I did after I got back from AnimeNEXT. I got inspiration from the girl sitting next to me because she was freakin' amazing!!! Anyway, this is "Peaceful Slumer" (i'm so bad with titles... that's just what i saved it as xD). The guy is sleeping as the sun is coming up, with a cool breeze softly swaying the curtains. That's something that I actually want to do! Anyway, this isn't my favorite but I like it, and don't color a lot of my drawings so...

Materials - Pencil, fine Sharpie, Prismacolor Markers

I wanted to draw something for my sister, and so she gave me the theme "frightened." I seriously did not know what to do... and I was pretty much in happy-mode when I did this. That's why this turned out looking more comforting than frightened xD! Anyway, when I gave this to my sister, she was like "..... It's not what I excepected....." In my head, i was like "THANKS A LOT D:" ugh... anyway, I still like it... same reasons as above. 

No semi-good title comes to mind
Materials - Pencil, fine Sharpie, Prismacolor Markers all on scrap computer paper

I just felt like making someone crying with a beautiful dress and hair flowing back...... can't really describe it. Anyway, I really like how this came out. I want that hair ♥. haha

Baby Spices (heh, what a bad title)
Materials - Pencil, Prismacolor Markers

I felt like doing some wacky figures. Got inspiration from the Nordstrom's advertizements (they have this artist who draws wacky people with high fashion clothes... Toloredo or something was his name? can't remember). Yup, and also got inspiration from Edna from The Incredibles. That's why they look amazingly similar. haha~~ Anyway, this is my favorite out of all of these. 

Lolita Girl 
Materials - Ballpoint Pen, Photoshop

Felt like drawing a lolita girl with bright blonde hair. Was originally uncolored, so I decided to some quick Photoshopping (i'm so bad at coloring!!). But despite that, I like how her outfit turned out...

Yaaaaay! some Gundam 00 stuff!! All these are drawn in my tiny memo pad that I bring to work with me everyday. I draw in it when I'm bored. I actually made some chibi meisters drawings but... didn't scan them. Next time x).

Anyway, this is Allelujah spray-painting his name. I'm not sure why, but I can't stop imagining how good he'd look in a hoodie xD.

LOL!! It's Tieria!! I personally love the flower. I love making an annoyed Tieria because he looks so cute like that xD. I can't seem to make his look really annoyed though... D:

Lillies Girl... haha xDDD Anyway, I like this. Inspiration from Roselina from Super Mario Galaxy! haha.

I was thinking of some plot for a manga I wanted to draw... not sure if I still want to, but this is the main character. She's supposed to be shy and innocent. And she also gets flustered very easily xD.

This is the guy that likes her... they meet randomly on the subway and he's older than her. He likes joking around a lot and seeing her get flustered.

They look so cute together! xD UGH, i think this is the result of too much shoujo and yaoi manga. I have become such a sappy person!! AGH!!! xD 

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